Simplicity; thats the key, and also; honesty. If you take those two things and merge them together something profound and beautiful is what will result. The music of, Albatross, (30 year old Adam Stockdale) focuses around this idea. In a world full of people trying their hardest to out do each other in whatever way fashion dictates in that week, Albatross' heartfelt and often philosophical songs offer some well needed relief. The masterly crafted tunes cut straight to the heart with lyrical themes rushing from love and life, but with added poignancy being brought to the table by the optimistic and inspiring message throughout. Often performed completely solo, accompanied by his astounding 'finger-picked' guitar Albatross' music is as real and honest as it comes. Like his heroes, John Martyn, Nick Drake and co. he understands that a truly great song will shine without fanciful dressing up.


"Stockdale melds his British songwriter background and percussive guitar style with the church, gospel and old-time musical influences of his supporting cast of Nashville" - American Songwriter

"Albatross has pulled off something thoroughly sincere and convincing" - Indie shuffle

"Born in England, the singer's abilities on guitar resemble James Taylor's while his voice and style nods to Donovan and Paul Simon" - The Bluegrass Situation

"Albatross' restless melancholy unfolds emotions living in the hopeful crossroads between gentle lullabies, sad good-byes and friendly salutations" - Maximum Ink