Salesmen & Racists
July 31, 2001

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1 - Last Time
2 - Angels & Whores
3 - Commie Drives A Nova
4 - Hip Hop Thighs #17
5 - Hail! Hail!
6 - The Assassination OF Sweet Lou Diablo
7 - Put A Little Love In It (According To John)
8 - New Years Eve
9 - Duty Free
10 - My Wasted Friends
11 - Crave
12 - Cash Is King
13 - God Damn Shame
The physical version of Ike Reilly's new album HARD LUCK STORIES includes 2 bonus tracks (including the new track "Flowers On Down") complete lyrics and additional illustrations by the illustrious Dave Cottini.

Available at independent record stores, or your local Best Buy.
Where's My Goddamn Medicine? Episode 02, 2012
Join Ike Reilly and Max Anderson for episode two of this years amazingly popular podcast "Where's My Goddamn Medicine?" Hear songs by Guided By Voices, Muddy Waters, Elvis Costello, The Waterboys and the up and coming Chicago band AM TAXI! Ike quizzes Max and Max becomes infuriated when his ears are insulted by a surprise artist. Stay tuned for episode 3 which will be released very soon....
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