Hugh Masterson "Lost + Found" - Mother Church Pew Video Session

Hugh Masterson, Nashville-based alt-country troubadour and the pride of Butternut, Wisconsin, will release his solo debut, Lost + Found, on Friday, June 2nd via Rock Ridge Music.  Recently, Masterson, who is a skilled craftsman of all things wooden, invited us to one of his happy places, and performed the album’s title track just for us!

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Matt Brown "Feel Like That" - East of 8th Video Premiere

The video, which perfectly complements the heart and soul of the upbeat, poptastic tune, features the cooler-than-cool Brown as he struts his stuff around town; our hero plays his signature baby blue Fender Telecaster, Stella, as he passes by local landmarks, glides down Broadway on a bicycle, and even ends up on one of the ever-present pedal taverns synonymous with Nashville’s reputation as the country’s top bachelorette party destination.

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K Phillips "Nobody Does It" - Mother Church Pew Video Session

With his new album, Dirty Wonder, Tennessee-by-way-of West Texas troubadour K Phillipsembodies the diverse sounds and styles of his Lone Star state upbringing. The album, released on March 10th via Rock Ridge Music, features “Nobody Does It,” a frank conversation between soon-to-be ex-lovers framed up inside an easy-going groover. MCP met up with K and company in East Nashville recently, and he performed “Nobody Does It” just for us! Enjoy!

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K Phillps DIRTY WONDER - AXS Review

Some people just have the ability to tell a story in a song. You don't need to hear a lot of the new album Dirty Wonder to know that K Phillips is one of them. You can pick any song on the album as an example of his ability to write a song and tell a story. 

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Matt Hires - "Fighting A Ghost" (premiere) | Relevant Magazine

"One of the first songs I wrote for the album was the first track, ‘Fighting a Ghost.’ The second verse contains the line that the title of the album came from. A lot of the ideas behind a lot of the other songs came from that – feeling a little lost amidst all the noise and commotion of culture and society. There’s a lot of struggling and wrestling with faith in the record, too.”

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