On July 16, 2013, singer-songwriter Sarah Miles released her debut full length, One, a sweetly sincere collection of finely crafted folk-pop inspired by the simple but bold decision to follow her heart.

It's been a 3-year journey," Sarah says. "I went through love, heartbreak, moved to New York City, went on the road, and explored collaborating with other songwriters. I've grown so much as a person and an artist. This is the opening ceremony for me-these are the most confident songs I've written."

Sarah Miles grew up in Princeton, New Jersey and has the distinction of being the youngest child ever to be admitted to NJ's prestigious Westminster Conservatory Children's Choir. As a member of various a cappella groups, she toured Sweden, Newfoundland, and Toronto, and performed at The White House and on the Today Show. After studying at University of Vermont, she moved to New York to pursue music fulltime. As a solo artist, her music has been featured on NBC's, The Voice, and she's opened for acclaimed singer-songwriters such as Sister Hazel, Teddy Geiger, Tony Lucca, and Tyler Hilton. For One, she co-wrote with songwriters Matt Duke, Steve Mandile (Tim McGraw, Kenny Rogers, Cliff Richard, Ronnie Dunn), Brian Cassagnol (Mieka Pauley), and Ingram Hill. Recently, Sarah was selected to contribute to WordKraft's Hand-Krafted CD sampler. Currently, she calls New York City her home.

Sarah has garnered comparisons to a broad array of artists such as Sara Bareilles, Ingrid Michaelson, Taylor Swift, and Carrie Underwood. She has gorgeously flowing dynamics as a singer, capable of euphoric skyward melodies and intimately fragile phrasing. Her songwriting is empowering, authentic, and stylistically touches upon folk, pop, and country. It's an infectious blend of accessible songcraft and bold emotional candor.

"I like to write songs that are relatable to everyone," Sarah says of the warm intimacy inherent in her songwriting. The title track is about the courage to literally, and figuratively, leave home and follow your dreams. The song is stately with refined electronic ambience encasing a heartfelt folk-pop song. The breezy "Stand Up" is breathtaking with an emboldening message and stacked sun-kissed vocal harmonies. On "You're Not," Sarah writes in a tender and confessional tone about the painfully complex unraveling of a relationship. "I wrote that at 2 in the morning, it just poured out of me," she reveals.

Producer Dave Pittenger (Allison Weiss, Julia Price, Martin Rivas) imbues One with tasteful atmospherics, making the album adventurous and modern without detracting from the unique hooky concision of Sarah's songwriting style. "He was so creative. He made things edgy, but still retained that pop element," she explains.

"I really pushed myself the past couple of years. Now I'm finally able to do this fulltime," she says, reflecting back on the many roads that have led to One. "A few weeks ago I opened up for Sister Hazel in front of 1,300 people in Orlando, Florida. The crowd was so receptive. I was just beaming."