JD Eicher is a Youngstown, OH-area born and bred musician known for soaring, cinematic vocals and meaningful, well-crafted lyrics. He possesses “an original voice, both literally and figuratively. With a lyrical talent culled from the great tradition of American singer/songwriters, Eicher also brings the melodic sensibility of great British songwriters such as Paul McCartney and Elvis Costello." (Wildy's World)

With four full-length albums to his credit, JD was enlisted in 2016 to create the soundtrack to author Nicholas Sparks’s (The Notebook, A Walk To Remember) 20th novel, Two By Two. The now stand-alone release consists of songs culled from his previous albums, along with the title track, written specifically for the novel and its themes. 

An artist who tours extensively in the US, Eicher also founded the Youngstown, OH-based JD’s Summer Songfest festival in 2014, which showcases national and local artists and raises money for a variety of community non-profits. He has shared billing with a wide range of well-known acts, including Coldplay, Maroon 5, Train, Dave Matthews Band, The Fray, Matt Nathanson, Sister Hazel, and more.


“...excellent melodies, memorable lyrics, and fun choruses that you can’t help but sing along with.” - Independent Clauses

“...big, open-hearted pop songs with the type of expansive, reach-for-the-sky ambition that graces albums by Coldplay, the Killers and Death Cab for Cutie, among others.” - Erie (PA) Times News

“Eicher’s music has a chameleon-like quality that makes it accessible and familiar. It’s pop, it’s rock, it’s roots and sometimes even bluesy, delivered with a rare musical intelligence.” - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review



JD Eicher and Nicholas Sparks join forces on soundtrack to accompany Two by Two

The singer-songwriter’s music – including the original song “Two by Two” – celebrates the bestselling author’s latest novel in this unique collaboration.

JD Eicher, the Youngstown, Ohio-born and bred musician, has teamed with author Nicholas Sparks in a unique collaboration to celebrate Sparks’s 20 years of publishing books.  Eicher has produced an original song and musical companion for Sparks’s forthcoming novel, Two By Two, which will be published on October 4, 2016.  The music will be available to fans for free via one of the author’s websites starting September 6 through December 6, 2016.

The soundtrack includes four songs by Eicher, one of which -- “Two by Two” -- is original and inspired by the new book.  The album also includes a re-recorded version of “Not Afraid” from Eicher’s latest release, The Middle Distance, and two remasters of previously released songs “Love Is Gonna Find You” and “The Last Love Song.” The song “Two by Two” is also incorporated into the narrative of Sparks’s novel.   

“The opportunity to collaborate with Nicholas on the Two By Two project has been a great honor and very exciting for me,” says Eicher.  “I love the challenge of writing a song for a particular purpose, and diving into the Two By Two story and its themes was an inspiring and rewarding process. I am beyond grateful to have the chance to work with such a gifted storyteller!”

Sparks says, “It’s been so stimulating creatively, and rewarding at a personal level, to collaborate with JD on the Two By Two soundtrack project. I know my readers will flock to his music because he intuitively understands the characters and relationships at the heart of this story – he is a master of complex emotion.”

In his new novel Two By Two, #1 New York Times bestselling author Nicholas Sparks returns with a poignant tale of rediscovered love and the power of family, with the story of one man’s journey to rebuild his life as the single parent of a six-year old daughter.  The novel will be published on October 4, 2016 by Grand Central Publishing, a division of Hachette Book Group.  



“‘The Notebook’ was published 20 years ago, so essentially that’s 20 books in 20 years,” Nicholas Sparks told AXS. “We wanted to give the readers a new medium in which to enjoy the feelings inspired by the stories. ‘Two by Two’ is a beautiful song from an immensely talented songwriter and performer – it’s a wonderful way to reflect the same kind of feelings that take place in the novel.”  -

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“The uniqueness of the project and partnership is not lost on either one of the two talented titans involved. “The reason I loved it so much was that it’s an opportunity to kinda get out of your own head, and then, consequently, get back into your own head as you get into the process,” says Eicher, who adds, “You’re fed information and then you have to figure out how to make that real and genuine to you.” For Sparks, the collaboration was “a wonderful reminder that if you do your job well – whether its song or literature – that brevity doesn’t mean not as good. It can be even more powerful. Brevity, in some ways, can be even more powerful to evoke emotion.”   -

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To celebrate his 20th book, Nicholas Sparks wanted to do something unique. He sought a kindred spirit to tour with him, someone who would complement the emotional content of his stories, including the new novel “Two by Two.” Enter J.D. Eicher, a singer from Youngstown with a strong following in Pittsburgh. Eicher's earnest and heartfelt songs seem to mesh perfectly with Sparks' work.   - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

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