We know our stuff. And if we don't, we know who to ask.

With our extensive experience in the music business, Rock Ridge Music is uniquely qualified to meet an artists needs. Whether a touring musician, self-published songwriter or small label, we can help you define your goals and design a customized plan to meet them. We are adept at both short-range and long-term strategy and offer expertise in the areas of Project Management, Creative Direction, Design and Branding, Online Marketing and Social Media development and more. We understand that in today's DIY mindset, sometimes an artist needs help navigating their options and building the right team, as well providing insight and resources for the next steps in your career.


Project Management

  • explore and create the relationship with the best distribution platform

  • manage assets, schedules, timelines, and metadata

  • build and manage the team (radio, publicity etc) that best suits your needs

Creative Direction

  • Craft or expand your authentic artist identity

  • Photo and video shoot development

  • Design for packaging, advertising and merchandising

  • Website design


Online Marketing | Social Media

  • Review and Audit of current online properties

  • Campaign development to maximize reach and growth organically

  • Explore paid media options and manage budgets

Creative Direction (Songwriters)

  • Develop working relationships with other writers

  • Create relationships with independent music publishers

  • Manage existing and new song catalog

  • Explore options for pitching and sync



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